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Tharaka university college sent three of it staff from the department of educational communication and technology  to the department on a benchmarking  mission. The university is in the process of establishing an E-learning resource center prompting the visit. They were taken through the facilities and other resources in the department used in the process of teacher training.

ECD Students trained on the Learning tool kit sofware

The department of educational communication and technology conducted its third training on the learning tool kit software for its 3rd year, Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development student from 28th  to 31st October 2019.  A total of 70 students were trained in two groups, each for two days by two facilitators –Mr. Enos Kiforo and Ms. Rose Imiza in the College of Education and External Studies computer laboratories

Visit by South Calorina University

The Department of Educational Communication and Technology on 7th October hosted faculty and students of early childhood education(ECD) from South Carolina University. The discussions mainly were centered on possible areas of collaboration and exchange programs between the two universities in the Early Childhood Development field. 

Learning Tool Kit Training

The department of educational communication and technology held the second training on the learning tool kit software on Friday the 31st of August. The training was meant to ensure that the members are well equipped with the necessary skills to train students on how to use the software in a class setting.They were taken through the basic operation of the Learning Toolkit (LTK) software. The software is designed to support the development of literacy, inquiry and other cross-curricular competencies within an environment that encourages self-regulated learning.