Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Quality Objectives
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The vision is to be a center of professional excellence committed to development of competence in teaching and research.


The mission of the Department is to achieve excellence by conducting effective teaching, research and consultancy in the areas of pedagogy, educational technology and early childhood Education.


The Core values of the Department are:


  • commitment to high quality teaching informed by research and consultancy

  • dedication to the attainment of excellence

  • upholding of the ethics and etiquette of teaching, research and consultancy.

  • impartiality in assessment and evaluation of performance.

  • Interaction with all stakeholders.




The Department seeks to fulfill the following objectives:


  1. Provide innovative teaching in all Academic programmes.
  2. Incorporate open and distance learning modes of delivery in all programmes.
  3. Promote pedagogical competence that incorporates new technologies and good practices that enhance quality.
  4. Create enabling environment conducive to undertaking high quality research and consultancy in education and teaching
  5.  Promote the development of Early Childhood Education as a viable academic programme at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  6. Realize visionary, transparent and consultative leadership that increases the visibility of the Department in and outside the University.
  7. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the resource functions in the Department.
  8. To initiate and develop income-generating activities with in – built quality control mechanisms.