Message from the Chairman
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Prof. Amolloh Paul Odundo


Welcome to the Department of Educational Communications and Technology web page.The Department  is the provider of Educational Communication skills in the College of Education & External Studies.

It is charged with providing educators with competencies in subject methodologies, instructional skills, selection and management of teaching resources for all teaching subjects

 Further we offer students a chance for teaching practice attachment across the   country. We offer, also, instructional skills in early childhood education, both, to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  We provide experience in research for diploma, Bachelor of Education and Masters students.


The Department of Educational Communication and Technology is going to be the preferred Centre of excellence for training Early childhood Education Personnel for the country.  It is going to be highly equipped and staffed to be able to take up scholarly work that will make it realize the set objectives.

Chairman of Department

Prof. Amollo Paul Ondundo