Webinar: Improving Literacy and Numeracy using the Learning Toolkit Software

Learning Toolkit Software

College of Education and External studies on March 4th 2021 held a zoom webinar on communication and Technology with topic Improving literacy and numeracy in Kenya using the Learning Toolkit software.

The school of Education through the department of Education Communication and Technology joined the University community in the ongoing celebration to mark 50 years of academic excellence.

The purpose of the webinar was to display how the department has strived to realize its vision and mission. The vision being a center of professional in teaching and research and Mission to conduct effective teaching, research and consultancy in the area of Pedagogy, Educational and Early Childhood Education.

The Department has developed several global collaborations, linkages and partnerships. Together with Concordia University in Canada the department has been able to develop the Learning Toolkit Software which is being used by the academic staff and students to enhance their professional development. The learning Toolkit targets competences that are very important in the classroom pedagogy with the goal of making learners in the class point of focus.

The skills and competences acquired as a result of partnership with Concordia University will help academic staff and students in achieving the goals of the new Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) in Kenya with expectations of effective communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, Imagination and creativity, Citizenship, learning to learn, Self-efficacy, Digital Literacy.

The presentation was made by a team from Concordia, College academic staff and students from the Department of Communication Technology.

All presentations were aimed to demonstrate how modern Technology has impacted on their classroom Pedagogy, On Improving teacher and learner development competences, and finally to demonstrate the positive impact on the learning Toolkit Software on enhancing literacy and numeracy.