Early Childhood



Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood programme arose from the demand for Early Childhood Education as a necessary stage in preparing children for subsequent tiers in Education system.  Since the year 2000, the Department has been offering Diploma in Early Childhood Education for children between ages 0-9 years to build or develop literacy skills to enable them transit to primary education

The demand for Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education led to the launch of a degree programme in 2005 to meet the needs for both teaching and management in the Early Childhood Education sub-sector.  Further, the demand for skilled human resource in Early Childhood Education necessitated the launch of Master and Doctorate Degrees in Early Childhood Education to create a pool of researchers, teachers and managers for both private and public sector with Early Childhood Education as a discipline.  In response to this, the Department has been graduating students in M.Ed, B.Ed and Diploma in Early Childhood Education.  This year the Department will be graduating a candidate with doctorate degree.

In an effort to address the ever changing needs of the Early Childhood Education sub-sector, the Department in every 3 years revises the syllabus in line with vision 2030 and to capture the aspirations of the Kenyan society in realizing industrial status.

The Degree programme of Early Childhood Education are taught in the Undergraduate Masters and PhD level. Click the links below to view the respective programmes and courses on the same.


 Thematic Area                                                 Leader                            email                                          

B.Ed in Early Childhood Education         Dr. Juliet Mwasya           n_juliet@uonbi.ac.ke 

M.Ed in Early Childhood Education        Dr. Teresia Kazungu       w_teresia@uonbi.ac.ke

PhD in Early Childhood Education         Prof. Helen Inyega         hellen.nasimiyuh@uonbi.ac.ke