Message from the Chairman
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Welcome to the Department of Educational Communication and Technology.  The Department of Educational Communication and Technology provides programmes for educational communication and pedagogical competences to all cadres of teachers from early years education to tertiary level. For early years education, the Department has certificate, diploma, bachelors, masters and doctoral programmes for professional development for those working with and on behalf of children and their families.The Department is responsible for all educational communication and pedagogical courses leading to Bachelor of Education (Arts and Science), Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSCN).One core course is the Teaching Practice for all students. The Department also offers Masters in subject areas (Business Education, Educational Technology, English Education, Physical Education, Physics Education and Religious Education) and PhD programmes in various areas of educational communication and pedagogy.  These courses are directed towards providing pedagogical and disciplinary techniques appropriate for wholistic teacher professional development. Through these programmes the student acquires competences to deal with learners in diverse societies in competitive environments.


Train professional teachers for quality education.


The Department of Educational Communication and Technology is going to be

a centre of excellence and commitment to quality teacher training.


Chairman of the Department

Prof. Jane Ciumwari Gatumu