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The EGRIC program aims to develop the capacity of teachers to teach reading in primary grade using high quality, multi-genre, culturally relevant and age-appropriate instructional materials and resources in English and Kiswahili. EGRIC hopes to complement and fill an existing gap in teacher education through equipping teachers with reading knowledge and skills.

The EGRIC program targets pre service teachers undertaking  Bachelor of Education courses  in Early Childhood Education at the University of Nairobi.

This group of teachers will work with children in the early grades (pre school to third grade).


The EGRIC program is being administered at the Kenya Science Campus by the Department of Educational Communication and Technology, College of Education and External Studies, University of Nairobi.


 All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development Videos

Voices of the Grand Challenge

Live action overview of the All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development.


All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development

Motion infographic overview of the problem being addressed by the Grand Challenge for Development.


Faces of the Grand Challenge

Video collection of still images of the winning innovators and innovations provided by the grantees themselves.


Literacy Day Event Video

Video footage from Literacy Day event and Development Xchange from September 7, 2012.

Video footage from Literacy Day event and Development Xchange from September 7, 2012.

Video link provided in body of email.

for more information download the attached pdf files below


Project Manager

Dr. Justus O. Inyega 

Email: Justus.inyega@uonbi.ac.ke

Tel: (+254)0726428652


Deputy Project Manager

Prof. Samson Gunga

Email: gungasamson@googlemail.com /samsongunga@mail.uonbi.ac.ke 

Tel: (+254)0722610869


Literacy Specialist

Dr. Hellen N. Inyega

Email: hellen.nasimiyuh@uonbi.ac.ke/ hinyega@yahoo.com

Tel: (+254) 0728515058

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